3 Reasons Why Smackdown Currently Has A Better Roster Than WWE Raw

7 months ago By Jhon Woug

For long years, there has been a heated rivalry between SmackDown and Raw in WWE on the wrestling scene. In 2024, it should be clear that Smackdown is the lead item and Raw is actually very far away. So why now is the time for three reasons to support the idea that SmackDown has a better roster, stories, and exciting actions in the ring?

  1. Quality Over Quantity: The Art of Storytelling

Smackdown differs from Raw because their way of storytelling differs, and then later, they focus on superiority over quantity. While Smack Down,  as a separate brand, is not endowed with the greatest star talents, nevertheless, it has another more refined opinion. Smackdown’s writing team creates storylines that are not obvious but deep, so fans can relate to them.

For instance, the sagas about Roman Reigns verses Seth Rollins and the emergence of new stars such as LA knights were so remarkable in Smackdown’s incredible storytelling abilities.

Therefore, the character development during the narrative becomes less effective since her stories normally run in parallel lines, so each of them does not have sufficient attention for the story. The truth is, SmackDown’s approach does not involve covering various topics at a time, as done by Raw, but focuses on only one or two storylines, making it easy for all stories to grow and have impressive scenes memorised in the memories until the following episode comes up.

  1. The Reign of Roman: A Singular Dominance

How can one discuss a better SmackDown without mentioning the brutality associated with Roman Reigns? To top it all, he has lifted his image as well as that of the overall brand of Smackdown. His readers are hooked intensely through a process whereby he transforms himself from being an outcast into a “tribal chief.”.

As far as Raw is concerned, the show has notable talents, but there is no one who would give it the magnetic pull of Reigns on Smackdown. This makes SmackDown have a single dominant force, like the tribal chief, which provides the strong nucleus around which the narrative revolves.

  1. Star Power and Strategic Absences: SmackDown’s Winning Formula

SmackDown has found a successful formula for balancing star power and sound roster management. The blue brand handles the part-time champions strategically so as to make them more anticipated whenever they are present. By doing so, such a method creates an atmosphere that makes every appearance memorable and adds to the storyline.

However, Raw, having a packed lineup at times, finds it difficult to contend with the influx and exodus of their star players. The star power of SmackDown, however, when strategically placed on it, can maintain the fact that moments like Roman Reigns’ appearance and returning legs are moments. However, the careful selection of celebrity stars at Smackdown makes it the best place to watch intense yet star-studded moments.

SmackDown’s Ascension in 2024

It goes without saying that Smackdown definitely owns the throne in the ongoing war of brand superiority in 2023. The quality of storytelling, the Roman reigns, and strategies for utilising star power give Smackdown the edge over other wrestling shows.

While following up on Smackdown’s path towards elevation in this ongoing drama, it is undeniable that the blue brand has cemented its position in a unique manner by focusing more on quality than quantity.

In addition, connecting with the audience more deeply as well as delivering memories that last long enough to What is still open for speculation today revolves around whether the term ‘Superior Brand’ has any relevance in reference to the current situation in the world of WWE when it comes to SmackDown versus RAW.

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