3 Reasons Why Roman Reigns Was Not Advertised For WWE’s Next 26 Events

10 months ago By Jhon Woug

In the world of professional wrestling, Roman Reigns is undeniably one of the biggest stars. With a commanding presence, remarkable in-ring skills, and a character transformation that has redefined his career, Reigns has become the face of WWE. However, fans have noticed a peculiar absence: he hasn’t been advertised for a significant number of WWE events recently. In this article, we delve into the reasons behind Roman Reigns’ absence from WWE’s promotional materials and the potential implications.

  1. The “Special Attraction” Approach

Roman Reigns’ character evolution into the “Tribal Chief” has been one of the most compelling storylines in recent WWE history. His alliance with Paul Heyman and his dominant reign as Universal Champion have elevated him to a rare status. WWE seems to be adopting a “less is more” approach with Reigns, positioning him as a special attraction.

By not featuring Reigns in every event, WWE is preserving the aura of his character. It creates a sense of anticipation and excitement when he does appear. This strategy allows WWE to maximise the impact of Reigns’ appearances and ensure that each time he steps into the ring, it’s a must-see moment.

“Roman Reigns has evolved into this special attraction.”

The storytelling in professional wrestling thrives on suspense, and the limited appearances of Roman Reigns contribute to this element. When Reigns is advertised for an event, it becomes a significant selling point. Fans eagerly await his return, and it adds an extra layer of intrigue to the event.

“Roman Reigns’ sporadic appearances create anticipation and intrigue.”

  1. Protecting Reigns’ Character

The wrestling world often operates on a delicate balance between scripted storytelling and protecting the integrity of characters. Roman Reigns’ character, the “Tribal Chief,” is built on dominance and an air of invincibility. To maintain this perception, WWE must be cautious about how Reigns is booked and when he competes.

By not advertising Reigns for every event, WWE avoids potential scenarios where Reigns might suffer a non-title loss or be involved in less impactful storylines. This strategic approach is aimed at ensuring that when Reigns is in action, it’s for a significant reason and in a high-stakes matchup.

“WWE is committed to protecting Roman Reigns’ character at all costs.”

Roman Reigns’ character is at the centre of WWE’s storytelling, and the company is determined to uphold the image of the “Tribal Chief.” This means that Reigns’ appearances are carefully planned to maintain the aura of invincibility and dominance that surrounds him.

“Roman Reigns’ character demands a strategic approach to booking.”

  1. Building new stars

While Roman Reigns remains a cornerstone of WWE, the company also understands the importance of creating new stars. One of the challenges in wrestling is transitioning from relying heavily on established names to fostering the next generation of talent. Reigns’ absence from certain events could be a deliberate effort to spotlight other superstars.

By giving rising talents more prominent roles and opportunities, WWE is preparing for the future. This approach benefits both Reigns, as it maintains his status as a top star, and the company, as it cultivates a deeper roster of main-event-calibre performers.

“WWE is strategically building new stars in Reigns’ absence.”

Roman Reigns’ absence is an opportunity for other talents to step into the spotlight and showcase their abilities. This not only adds depth to the WWE roster but also provides fresh matchups and storylines for fans to enjoy.

“Reigns’ absence creates opportunities for rising stars.”

In conclusion, Roman Reigns’ absence from WWE’s promotional materials for 26 events can be attributed to a combination of factors. WWE’s “special attraction” approach, the need to protect Reigns’ character, and the emphasis on building new stars all play a role in this strategy. While fans eagerly await Reigns’ return to the spotlight, his absence is a testament to his importance in the wrestling world and WWE’s commitment to long-term storytelling and talent development.

Opinion: Reigns’ Absence and the Future of WWE

Roman Reigns’ absence from a significant number of WWE events raises questions about the direction the company is taking. While preserving his character’s mystique and building new stars are valid reasons, it’s crucial for WWE to strike the right balance.

“Maintaining Reigns’ character is vital, but so is keeping fans engaged.”

The “special attraction” approach can be effective, but it also runs the risk of alienating fans who tune in primarily to see Reigns. WWE must ensure that the anticipation and excitement created by his limited appearances translate into sustained interest in the product as a whole.

“WWE must keep fans invested even during Reigns’ absence.”

Protecting Reigns’ character is a priority, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of compelling storytelling. Wrestling thrives on unpredictability, and fans appreciate engaging narratives that keep them hooked. WWE must continue to deliver captivating storylines, even when Reigns is not in the spotlight.

“Compelling storytelling remains essential for WWE’s success.”

Building new stars is commendable, but it’s essential to provide these talents with the support and creative direction they need to thrive. WWE has a history of creating promising stars only to underutilize them later. Reigns’ absence should mark the beginning of a new era where emerging talents are given meaningful opportunities.

“Nurturing new stars requires a long-term commitment.”

In conclusion, Roman Reigns’ absence from WWE events is a strategic move with both advantages and challenges. WWE’s ability to maintain fan interest and create captivating storylines will be the key to the success of this approach. While Reigns remains a dominant force, the wrestling world is ever-evolving, and WWE must adapt to stay at the forefront of the industry.

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