3 Reasons Why CM Punk Is Favorite To Win WWE Royal Rumble 2024

7 months ago By Jhon Woug

Can we just talk about the atomic bomb that was in Survivor Series 2023? It’s as if the WWE gods got together, took our collective supplication, and put some magical wrestling powder on us. Why, you ask? Now, because CM Punk, the man, the myth, and the legend, just pulled off what most people would call impossible, he came back to shatter the wrestling’s chronometers and continuums.

Okay, let’s chop up the drama and be honest now. sentence correction It seems to be a sign of what’s still to come as Punk heads for RR-2024 and takes it all home. In this case, though, who predicted such a thing? However, do not raise your eyebrows and then say, “Not this one,” again! There are three authentic reasons why punk is not merely in the rumble but fighting for that victor spot.

  1. The Punk Pop: Louder Than Ever

Do you remember how it felt when you heard your favourite song live for the first time? Goose bumps, the chill—these are how well Punk was welcomed during the Survivor Series. the almost-screeched roof as his theme music hit. Punk pop had a volume that would have made space communication possible all the way to Mars. energy of Royal’s rumble nowadays. He is not only receiving a cheer from the crowd, but he nearly has someone in each audience ready to place him up on his shoulder, heading towards the winners’ circle.

Punk’s return is certainly not just a moment but rather an earthquake for WWE, because everything in WWE happens around moments. It scores high on audience connection. It’s not only that fans are watching, but that fans actually care about it. It’s as if Punk is their unrecognised super hero. In your life, your lucky wrestling boots and the Royal Rumble will be ground zero for Punk Pop 2.0.

  1. The Odds Game: Punk’s Royal Flush

The mathematical fellows in our wrestling world are wondering what’s happening, and it is all due to Punk. You can bet that it was probably against the odds if you ever included Punk and Royal Rumble into one pre-Survivor Series sentence. Move to the post-Punk period, and now that’s a different story with those odds turning upside down much quicker than any Lucha Libre from the top turnbuckle.

Currently, Punk’s Royal Rumble odds are as chilly as 3-to-1. So for you guys who talk odds like it’s another wrestling promo, that is a 22.2% chance! Those are figures that even the geekiest wrestling number crunchers celebrate in the land of the Royal Rumble. The sportsbooks threw up their calculators because the odds walked in on them with Punk. So what do the numbers mean when Punk is in the ring?

  1. The Return Rumble: Fresh Storylines Incoming

Let’s face it, WWE feels just like a pie without any cheese. It is still pizza; however, something that makes it more appealing is missing. Punk’s return is more than something flirting with wrestling. It’s a love story. So, where else to begin this affair than the Royal Rumble?

Picture this: Punk, back into the rumble after 10 years, rubbing shoulders with the new bloods, old stagers, and anyone who attempts invading his turf. It’s more than just Punk going over; it’s the tales they’ll write on that square ring. Punk vs. new faces: Punk vs. the Royal Rumble became a canvas, and Punk created his own piece of art with old rivals.

When it comes to uncertainty, punk has become the legal tender that makes up the story line of WWE. For Punk, the Royal Rumble is his playground, where he carries his bag of tricks.

My folks, it’s the “Punk Effect”! The survivor series was really a prelude to the much grander tale of the royal rumble. There are three reasons why CM Punk is not just a contender but a favourite to seize that royal runnable crown of next year (2024), i.e., the punk pop, the odds game, and the return rumble. Alright! Put your seatbelts on, get that popcorn ready, and let’s check if Punk will shake the wrestling world in a similar manner again.

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