3 Possible Results Between Gunther Vs The Miz At WWE Survivor Series 2023

7 months ago By Jhon Woug

With Gunther, the record-breaking Intercontinental Champion, defending his title against The Miz, WWE Survivor Series 2023 looks to be a historic occasion. This contest is about more than just a fight for the gold belt; it’s a duel between two eras, two styles, and the real question of who is the greatest WWE Intercontinental Champion of all time. We will examine the many results of this titanic battle and consider what they could mean for Gunther and The Miz in this piece.

Gunther will go down in history as one of the most dominant WWE Intercontinental Champions ever, having held the championship for more than 530 days. The eight-time Intercontinental Champion and WWE veteran, The Miz, however, presents a serious obstacle on his path. In addition to unseating Gunther, The Miz wants to prove that he is the greatest Intercontinental Champion in WWE history.

Scenario: Gunther defeats The Miz, continuing his historic reign.

It would further establish Gunther as the unchallenged Intercontinental Champion if he prevails. Not only would this prolong his rule, but it would also solidify the belief that Gunther is the most formidable champion in terms of longevity and ability. With the win, Gunther may now be considered one of the all-time best Intercontinental Champions, a benchmark that may be difficult to top.

Scenario: The Miz defeats Gunther, tying Chris Jericho’s record with a 9th Intercontinental Championship reign.

In the event that Miz prevails, it will be a landmark event in his professional life. When The Miz ties Chris Jericho’s record for the most Intercontinental Championship victories, he will undoubtedly be considered a top player. This result has the potential to completely change the story of The Miz, highlighting his influence on the prestige of the championship and confirming his status as one of the greatest Intercontinental Champions ever.

Scenario: The Miz defeats Gunther in a hard-hitting, strongstyle contest, showcasing a new dimension of his wrestling.

In this situation, Gunther’s hard-hitting style forces The Miz to significantly modify his wrestling technique. It would not only be a sign of The Miz’s adaptability but also a significant turning point in his career if he could defeat Gunther with a strongstyle performance. This triumph may rewrite The Miz’s history by demonstrating his ability to adapt and defeat even the most formidable foes.

More than just a championship contest, Gunther and The Miz’s match at WWE Survivor Series 2023 is a story of development, legacies, and the pursuit of greatness. While both contenders are ready to enter the ring, the wrestling community is waiting to see how this historic match will turn out. Survivor Series 2023 is sure to be a memorable event in the legendary history of the WWE Intercontinental Championship, regardless of whether Gunther continues to rule the ring, The Miz breaks Jericho’s record, or The Miz grows and triumphs.

Note: The scenarios presented are speculative and based on the information available as of November 24, 2023. The actual match outcome may differ.

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