3 Greatest Moments Of Matt Riddle’s WWE Career

10 months ago By Jhon Woug

In the realm of professional wrestling, the road to stardom is frequently paved with obstacles, but for Matt Riddle, the trip to success has been an amazing rollercoaster. Matt Riddle, who was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, on January 14, 1986, has made his way through the worlds of MMA and the WWE’s opulent stage. In this essay, we examine three pivotal occasions in Matt Riddle’s career that helped him transition from an MMA fighter to a WWE superstar.

Moment 1: Transitioning from MMA to WWE

Matt Riddle’s transfer from the MMA world to the glamorous world of professional wrestling was his first career-defining event. After starting his MMA career in 2008, Riddle quickly established himself as a promising fighter. His career in MMA was characterised by tenacity, guts, and noteworthy accomplishments. He gained the attention of both peers and fans with his amazing record of 10 wins and 3 losses.

However, Matt Riddle’s life took an unexpected turn while he was working for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He joined the UFC in 2013, realising a goal shared by many young fighters. MMA competition at the top level brings fame and difficulties. Despite that, Riddle had his sights already set on a different arena.

Riddle gained great knowledge from MMA, but he soon understood that professional wrestling’s staged combat was where his true heart lay. This realisation was a turning point in his professional life. He bravely decided to leave the UFC and move from the octagon to the squared circle in order to pursue his new dream.

Riddle’s ability to adapt and persevere during his transfer to WWE is evidence of these qualities. It was a dangerous decision because not all athletes are successful when they go from one discipline to another. But Riddle rapidly became popular due to his personality, agility, and inherent sense of humour.

Moment 2: Winning the NXT Tag Team Championship with Pete Dunne

When Matt Riddle joined WWE’s NXT brand, it was the second turning point in his career. As WWE’s developing area, NXT frequently serves as a testing ground for aspiring wrestlers. A new phase in Riddle’s career was beginning with his entry into NXT.

The connection that Riddle had with Pete Dunne was one of the most notable achievements during his time in NXT. Unquestionably having good chemistry in the ring, the pair advanced fast in the tag team category. Their quest came to a successful conclusion when they won the NXT Tag Team Championship.

The achievement of Riddle and Dunne in winning the tag team title was a reflection of their talent, comradery, and popularity with the audience. Within the WWE’s development programme, the NXT Tag Team Championship is fiercely prized, and Riddle’s prowess in a team setting was on full display during their reign.

The combo of Riddle and Dunne proved that he could succeed not just as a singles contender but also in the tag team division. It was a crucial period in Riddle’s career that established his position as a rising star in the WWE.

Moment 3: Controversies and Triumphs in WWE

In Matt Riddle’s path, the third career-defining moment is a double-edged blade, marked by both controversy and success. The sexual harassment claims that surrounded Riddle in 2022 were one of the most important issues during his time in the WWE. Riddle has faced his fair share of difficulties throughout his career.

Riddle’s career was severely disrupted and his reputation was severely damaged by allegations of sexual harassment. His scheduled appearances were cancelled, and WWE took drastic action by opening an internal investigation and removing him. With regard to the veracity of these accusations, the wrestling community and fans were left in a quandary.

In spite of these incidents, Riddle continued to wrestle and compete. His tenacity and devotion to his craft in the middle of this trying moment showed his ability to persevere in the face of adversity. Even though the allegations were still a contentious issue, Riddle remained committed to his career.

There were successful periods in Riddle’s WWE career as well. The Raw Tag Team Championship victory with Randy Orton was one of the pinnacle accomplishments. This collaboration with a seasoned veteran like Orton demonstrated Riddle’s capacity to adapt and succeed in many circumstances.

With their victory, Riddle was able to show off his range as a performer while also adding another achievement to his long list of accomplishments. He became a noticeable presence on Monday Night Raw, the main programme of the WWE, because of his distinct in-ring style and personality, which won him over fans.

The turning points in Matt Riddle’s career that took him from an MMA fighter to a WWE superstar have defined his journey. His bold switch from MMA to professional wrestling, the victorious NXT Tag Team Championship victory with Pete Dunne, and the controversy and success in WWE have all had a big impact on his rise to fame.

It’s clear that Riddle’s career is far from done, even as his time with WWE draws to a close. He will likely continue to forge his path in the realm of professional wrestling. While difficulties and controversy have put him to the test, his commitment, fortitude, and evident talent have put him on the path to greater success. The pivotal moments in Matt Riddle’s career are evidence of his unrelenting pursuit of his goals and his capacity to prevail against all obstacles in a setting where the spotlight never goes out.

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