2023’s Boxing Champions In The Spotlight: Top 10 Titleholders

7 months ago By Jhon Woug

When it comes to elite boxers, very few among the many fulfil their true potential. Not being a champion has changed lifestyles, and having the gold gets Boxer global recognition and box office. To the avid reader, being a champion is all that matters to these guys, who are at the height of their careers.

Gervonta Davis (29–0, 27 KO) is the primary force in today’s super featherweight division. His last bout on December 28, 2019, set the stage for this coming year. Also, Lamont Roach Jr. (24-1-1 with 9 KO), who recently won by decision against O’Shaquie Foster on November 25, also hopes to leave his mark.

Featherweight (126 lb/57.2 kg):

With a record of 36-1 (22 KO), Rey Vargas held the spotlight in featherweight class until July 9, when Luis Alberto Lopez stepped up to challenge. But finally, with Vargas now out of the picture, the division forecasts a reinvigorated revival, especially given that from down was his interim champion as well.

Super Bantamweight/Junior Featherweight (122 lb/55.3 kg):

On April 8 last year, super champion Marlon Tapales (37-3 with 19 KO) took on featherweight phenom Naoya Inoue. Boxing fans’ hearts were warmed by this bout as well. Despite both fighters being able to demonstrate great skill, the title is still up for grabs. More exciting complications Only one week later, on November 17, interim champion Carlos Cuadras muddied the waters still more.

Bantamweight (118 lb/53.5 kg):

Currently, bantamweight title holder Takuma Inoue (18-1, 4 KO) won on April 8 to improve his record. But in every fight, Emmanuel Rodríguez and Jason Moloney are looking to get their hands on that title. The bantamweight division will be thrilling and uncertain.

Super Flyweight/Junior Bantamweight (115 lb/52.2 kg):

Kazuto Ioka captured the super flyweight championship on June 24 at 30-2-1 (15 KO). But division is not without its suitors, as Juan Francisco Estrada and Junto Nakatani wait in the wings, ready to pounce. Then, on November 17, the rise of Carlos Cuadras as interim champion added yet another element to this weight class.

Flyweight (112 lb/50.8 kg):

Artem Dalakian (22–0, 15 KO), a regular presence at flyweight. On December 16, 2023, his last bout against Jesse Rodriguez showed off his technical skill. But as the division waits for another generation of champions, fans remain on tenterhooks to see who will be filling those empty seats.

Light Flyweight/Junior Flyweight (108 lb/49 kg):

Kenshiro Teraji, a 22-1 (13 KO) unified champ, has reigned over the light flyweight division. He earned his place with a recent November 4, 2023, victory over Adrian Curiel. On October 27, 2023 The division will have a lot of old and new blood when René Santiago is crowned interim champion.

Minimumweight/Mini Flyweight/Strawweight (105 lb/47.6 kg):

Second, the small but strong knockout CP Freshmart with an unblemished record of 24–0 (9 KO) holds the minimumweight title since June 67. Nevertheless, the appearance of Yudai Shigeoka (8-0;5 KO) and Ginjiro Shigeoka (10-0-1 in professional boxing), who will fight on October 7 this year, adds another enticing layer to that weight class. Erick Rosa (6-0, with two KOs) is the six-time regular champion who serves as evidence that talent can still get through to the top.

The boxing champs of 2017 mix experience, talent, and unpredictability to add class to the ring. Each weight division has a separate story of its own. Champs hold fast to their crowns, while rivals taste glory themselves. With plenty more bouts and storylines in the pipeline, one thing becomes clear: Boxing has become the rage on a global scale.

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