15 Most Disappointing WrestleMania Match Endings

3 months ago By Jhon Woug

The crowning event on the calendar of the WWE is WrestleMania, an epic combination of pomp and spectacle, performance and drama. On the other hand, while it enthrals even the most ethereal and glamorous superstars, there have been moments that leave their fans, who were full of hope and high expectations, more frustrated or even disappointed with the whole situation. From the unimaginable choice of booking to the crazy outcomes, fans of WWE were speechless when these 15 WWE aftermaths were announced!

  1. The story of the mythical mark—Roman Reigns. Cody Rhodes, WrestleMania 39:

The early match between Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes had been highly anticipated as a turning point for The Bloodline, but the audience was disappointed in the end as Reigns slipped past Rhodes. Often, interference is what creates the fairy tale ending, and this time, it once again disrupted things, even if it was in favour of Reigns. This is his play to keep his championship at the moment.

  1. Randy Orton’s Swift Victory over Bray Wyatt (WrestleMania 33)

Bray Wyatt’s first reign as WWE Champion terminated dramatically at the Masters of the Universe show, when Randy Orton was crowned Champion after a strange film projection occurred. Wyatt’s slide faltered in the anticlimactic ending, leaving all of the participants and spectators a bit altered.

  1. Asuka’s Shocking Defeat by Charlotte Flair (WrestleMania 34)

One of the biggest upsets of a perfect Asuka’s record was defeated by Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 34. The loss at the hands of an unanticipated opponent and no title opportunity resulted in fans’ jolting grief at the death of Asuka’s career path.

  1. Triple H’s Four-Way Triumph at WrestleMania 16:

WWF (now WWE) arranged Warmanian 16 to dethrone The Rock, but Triple H, who won a 4-way match, stood where the king should have been. The heel’s reign ended the norm at the time, which left fans confused about where the story would go next.

  1. Rhea Ripley’s Loss to Charlotte Flair—WrestleMania 36:

As for Rhea Ripley, the latter’s rise was hijacked by the more seasoned Charlotte Flair, who was surprisingly defeated at WrestleMania 36. After the initial best of Ripley, fans wondered behind the needlessness of that decision, especially with the pandemic uncertainties.

  1. The Controversial Victory of Michael Cole over Jerry Lawler (WrestleMania 27)

As a result of which Jerry Lawer was a travesty, the WrestleMania 27 crown, Michel Cole, however, was the winner via disqualification. The arrow was aimed, which was touching, as Lawler had been deprived of one of his biggest moments in WrestleMania.

  1. Ultimate Warrior’s Squash of Triple H (WrestleMania 12)

Ultimate Warrior’s return at WrestleMania 12 made Triple H face a one-sided loss. This game of unmatched protagonists was the worst the fans witnessed in years, which only suppressed Triple H’s later revival.

  1. Hulk Hogan’s Disputed Win over Sid Justice, WrestleMania 8:

A total disorder wreaked havoc on the scene of the main event of WrestleMania 8, when the Hulk Hogan appeared as the as the champion, corrupting the truth through interference. The utterly non-sensational ending spoils everything about WrestleMania’s centre of attraction.

  1. Sting’s loss to Triple H at WrestleMania 31:

Sting’s anticipated match debut at Wrestlemania concluded with a Triple H loss and WWE.WCW narrative. Loss would have been a crucial outcome of a milestone for Mickey’s career.

  1. John Cena’s Triumph over Bray Wyatt (WrestleMania 30)

Bray Wyatt can be named as one of the superstars who potentially could have succeeded at WrestleMania 30, but ironically, it was called off by John Cena, who probably instigated dejection among the fans. That ignominy was not only a temporary obstacle but also gave him an opportunity to prove his resilience and tenacity.

  1. Baron Corbin’s Victory over Kurt Angle (WrestleMania 35)

The last farewell match of Kurt Angle sadly finishes with Baron Corbin taking the honour of the match. Fans of Corbin have strongly voiced their disagreement with his positioning before the event, stating how an ideal procession for him would have been endorsed in his support.

  1. Sheamus’ Swift Defeat of Daniel Bryan (WrestleMania 28)

In his comeback the next year at WrestleMania 28, Daniel Bryan ascended to success before it held him for 18 seconds on Sheamus’ foot. The unexpected ending left a crash in Bryan’s popularity and scepticism towards the film’s conclusion and its handling of Bryan’s fame.

  1. Brock Lesnar Ends The Undertaker’s Streak—WrestleMania 30:

As Year 30 of WrestleMania witnessed Brock Lesnar breaking the never-lost streak of The Undertaker, this shocked his fans, making them feel upset. The subsequent conclusion motivated further debate over the impact of the decision in the near future. Use our artificial intelligence to write for you for free, as long as you mention

  1. Triple H’s Controversial Win Against Booker T—WrestleMania 19:

Booker T playing a crucial role in a storyline squashed by Triple H at WWE WrestleMania 19 was just one of the several racial microaggressions directed at this champion. Such a result had the nation in anger over its lack of sympathy and depiction of racial stereotypes.

  1. Hulk Hogan’s Impromptu Victory over Yokozuna, WrestleMania 9:

The WWE Championship saw the unexpected happen as Hulk Hogan called his shot as he stood on the top of the ring ropes after WrestleMania 9, dethroning Yokozuna. The sudden decision had an unsettling aura that left the audience mystified, darkening this possible growth story about Yokozuna.

In the pro wrestling sphere, WrestleMania is more than simply a PPV event, and it ties together the months—if not years—of storylines, character drafts, and the fans’ anxieties. WrestleMania is the universe’s greatest platform for sports entertainment, and that is beyond comparison. It’s the place where dreams come true, and legends are typically made. On the one hand, the glamour and celebrity status offer a chance to make history.

On the other hand, coping with such fierce competition is an extremely difficult task. Unfortunately, although I, like many others, enter each new match with the lofty expectations of a die-hard fan, several outcomes fail to meet those high standards, leading me to feel seriously disillusioned.

The backstage story of the creators of the WWE doing thorough work to come up with an appropriate act for every wrestling spectacle inside the ring at WrestleMania by carefully balancing fans’ expectations and the need to write interesting stories. But the live show element can bring results that some fans find unpalatable, which makes them express their dislikes on social media. This WrestleMania was planned and prepared for a long by the competitors, managers, and audience; however, there are always some last-minute changes and unexpected falls that can make a WrestleMania match result a matter of hot debate.

More so, because of the premium status of WrestleMania as WWE’s marquee event, every match result will have greater significance in the future due to the impression it creates, which WWE will hinge on for months to come. The result of WrestleMania that is unsatisfying for the wrestler may have various repercussions on his growth trajectory, which include relinquishing momentum, having a negative perception of the fans, and not getting the opportunities.

Therefore, the level of hype surrounding athletes and followers makes the win/lose ratio of the wrestle finally a matter of high-profile discussions and a point of analysis for people who are fans of wrestling entertainment.

Looking back, however, these WrestleMania match outcomes will serve as proof that the freedom of storytelling provided by WWE is not exempt from unforeseen consequences and occasional pain. While the great stage of them all—WrestleMania—is not exempt from scandals and compromises, it generally goes unmentioned. The fans, with each news piece anticipating the next happening feast, remain anxious that unexpected twists and turns may cause their appreciation to increase or become their lamentations.

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